Monthly Archives: September 2013

Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie is the tale of a telekinetic teenage outcast, was phenomenal success for any book, let alone the first-published work of a new author. It's film rights were pursued by Brian De Palma and the paperback sold a million copies. But such is the legac...

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Psycho II by Robert Bloch

Hitchcock's Psycho became such a phenomenal success that it all but obscured the novel on which it was based. But in 1982 original Psycho author Robert Bloch returned to Norman Bates in his novel Psycho II. Completely unrelated to the 1983 film of the ...

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Psycho by Robert Bloch

Psycho. The word evokes common images, all black and white from the classic Alfred Hitchcock film. The film is such an acclaimed success that for many it obscures the fact that before Norman Bates was on the big screen he was first on the page, in Robe...

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