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My Incredible Life as the Hulk by Lou Ferrigno
My Incredible Life as the Hulk by Lou Ferrigno
February 29, 2012

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Show Notes:

Arnie reviews Lou Ferrigno's autobiography telling of his most famous role--The Incredible Hulk!

Despite three feature films and fifty years of comics, to many people the words "The Incredible Hulk" recall a vivid memory of Lou Ferrigno fully made up in green body paint.  The role that made the bodybuilder famous, The Hulk has always been a part of Ferrigno's life.  As a young child, Ferrigno was inspired to bodybuild by the Hulk in comics, and in the Marvel movies Ferrigno provides the voice of the green giant.  But in 2003, to tie into his cameo appearance in Ang Lee's Hulk film, Ferrigno's autobiography tells of how he got the role of Hulk, retelling tales from all five seasons and the three reunion movies, and his life after Hulk.  

Listen to Arnie's review of Lou's autobiography now, then head to  to hear Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob review all of the Incredible Hulk movies, including Ferrigno's TV movies!

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